Anne Ryefield is a pen name. The person behind the pen name is 30-something Halley Parke, who publishes under her real name as well. Halley’s books tend to lean a bit to the darker side; expect to possibly shed a few tears with her books. Anne’s books are usually more uplifting and you can expect happy endings. Between both Halley and Anne, one book has been officially published. More are being worked on.

Halley lives in Virginia, but her heart is back out west. She’s originally from Colorado. She hopes to move to New Mexico sometime in 2023 or 2024. She has several pets including three dogs, nine cats, a bird, a ferret, and two fish. She’s trying hard not to become a cat lady, but also can’t say no to those who need rescued.

Halley doesn’t currently participate in any of her favorite hobbies because she’s working on getting her stories out into the world, but you can usually find her on one of her favorite online games, Furry Paws. She’s also slowly working on her own online sim game, though it’s at a standstill while she attempts to learn Php. She’s also trying to learn Spanish and it’s not going well. She gets tongue-tied in English and often wonders if she really knows her native language at all.